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Music Beyond Entertainment

A Truly Uplifting and Relaxing Experience

Simply beautiful improvised, original, ambient and traditional world folk music played with skill and grace to make your event an exceptional and memorable occasion.


Jewel has performed her music for both private and public events, concerts, festivals, schools, retreats and workshops. Her music provides a perfect atmosphere for art openings, receptions, wineries, conventions, end of life celebrations, services, weddings, spiritual centers, corporate and private events as well as music for hospitals and hospice care. 

She invites you to experience the joy, peace, and the transformational healing power of her music.

Jewel has performed as a soloist as well as enjoyed playing in ensembles and collaborations with other musicians, poets, writers, dancers and artisans.


Do you have a center, organization or event and desire a unique and beautiful program that can offer the benefits of Jewel’s music for meditation, balancing, relaxation and transformation?


Jewel has over 35 years of experience playing for a variety of events on the harp and other instruments. As a multi-instrumentalist, she offers music for meditations with harp, zithers, metal and crystal bowls, voice, world flutes and more.


She loves playing original improvisations and compositions that are inspired by her spirit, beauty and the magical elements of nature as well as the traditional world music that she have studied over several decades. Her repertoire has included Instrumental Celtic, Scandinavian, European, Renaissance music and more.

Jewel’s music is excellent for creating a beautiful ambiance for social or business functions, receptions or any special occasion, and as an opening, closing or as a featured presentation for an event.


  • Conferences, centers, organizations

  • Special events, art openings, celebrations of life, memorials and sacred occasions


  • Ambient music for meditation, balance and transformation, with harp, singing bowls and/or flutes

  • Hospitals, hospice, care centers

  • Personal sound healing sessions and group sound journeys

Creative collaborations

Are you looking to bring the magic of different voices, sounds and instruments to your project? Jewel loves to harmonize and collaborate musically with other facilitators of spiritual ceremonies, services, rituals... Contact Jewel.


“Jewel is truly a multi-gifted musician and artist. The first time she played at one of our live events, participants marveled at the vibrational impact that her playing had on them. We heard several requests to please bring her back to accompany THEO for future events, which is exactly what we did, to everyone’s delight.


She is talented, kind, patient, innovative, and shares her musical gifts from her heart with love. We would highly recommend her to enhance the experience for any live event, and as a teacher for those wishing to become better musicians.”


~ Marcus and Sheila Gillette, authors of The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace and hosts of AskTHEO Live TV.

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