Sound Healing Journeys
Individual Personal Sessions and Group Sound Journeys


Experience a relaxing journey into your heart, bathing in healing sounds and music. These multi-instrumental events are for awakening, expansion, reconnecting and relaxing.

As a certified practitioner of Sound, Voice and Music Healing, Jewel uses a combination of instruments including Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, harp, stringed instruments, world flutes, voice and more to facilitate your journey and healing.

Music and the arts are important for bringing more ease grace, and harmony into our lives. Jewel will create a loving and relaxing environment to assist you in transforming and maintaining your health and ease in these high paced and often stressful times.  


The healing effects of music, sound and the integration of the arts have been scientifically been proven over and over. The benefits have been known and experienced throughout the world for centuries. Music can be especially designed with intention for a positive influence and effect on physiology, as well as our mind and spirit.

Private Sessions

As a certified practitioner of Sound, Voice and Music Healing, I facilitate your wellbeing and balance for health using a combination of instruments which may include Harp, Tibetan and quartz singing bowls, tuning forks, stringed instruments, flutes, voice and more.

Group Sound Journeys

Multi-instrumental events for awakening, expanding and relaxing.

Jewel offers Private
therapeutic music sessions on ZOOM and in her studio* in Santa Rosa, CA.
Small Group sessions also  available on location.*
(*Post Covid restrictions)
Contact Jewel to learn more and to schedule.

"It is the vibrational frequency that allows the heart and soul to open to the highest possibility of the master that you are. In that essence there is the need for sound and music. It is the artisan as we have spoken many times over, that brings the global human experience, the global human community, gathering together on that frequency. So there is great import in sound."