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“Jewel is truly a multi-gifted musician and artist. The first time she played at one of our live events, participants marveled at the vibrational impact that her playing had on them. We heard several requests to please bring her back to accompany THEO for future events, which is exactly what we did, to everyone’s delight.


She is talented, kind, patient, innovative, and shares her musical gifts from her heart with love. We would highly recommend her to enhance the experience for any live event, and as a teacher for those wishing to become better musicians.”

Jewel Shield and Sheila Gillette of AskTHEO

Sheila and Marcus Gillette, authors of The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace and hosts of AskTHEO Live TV.

"I have heard it said that music is the vocabulary of the heart.  Jewel knows that language, her music always speaks to me.  The beautiful sounds that she creates with her harp, her bowls and whatever else it is she finds to strum, drum or otherwise speak through is truly heart opening.  Don't miss a chance to experience her creations."


Sherri Vierra

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your lovely music, Jewel, and how it created a high vibration to support the wisdom teaching, prayer work and creative artistic expression by congregants....I left the Center [for Spiritual Living] floating on clouds of ease and joy!"


Marielle Taylor MA, MSP, RScP

“The first harp I ever heard was played by Jewel at a local festival. I decided then and there that I had to meet this woman and to learn to play the harp. Jewel’s gentle guidance and patience while I was first learning, lead to our 30 year long friendship and my becoming the professional harp player that I am today! She is easy going, and approaches each student individually, drawing out their best talents for the instrument. Her exquisite tone and innate musicality is embodied in her playing. She’s my favorite harper... and friend!”

Deb Gessner, Musician, Artist

“Jewel was my teacher for many years. Her teaching style is positive, warm, and imbued with heart, just as her music is. She is deeply creative and played a very influential role in nourishing my creativity as a young student, teaching me not only an international repertoire, but also improvisation and composition."

Kristin Coan

“I have had the delight of having harp sessions with Jewel Shield. I call them sessions because they are more than simply lessons. Sure, Jewel can offer guidance in the mechanical aspects of playing the instrument, and she does. She is also well informed and well read. But there is so much more that she offers! Jewel has a way of guiding an exploration into Music that awakens and calls in a spirit of reverence, play, curiosity, and freedom. She is imaginative and creative, supportive and patient. I know I can always rely on Jewel to approach everything as a golden opportunity to be fully alive. She creates a field where personal obstacles dissolve. Whenever we work together I feel myself moving aside to allow Music to come through me, unimpeded.

I look forward to ongoing sessions with Jewel.”

Lia Falls, MFA, CMP

"Throughout the years of our friendship, Jewel has consistently demonstrated her honorable intentions, musical talent, intuitive spirit and keen presence of mind, in all that she aspires to.


Muriel Powers, MHTP

"As I closed my eyes and listened, I became one with the greatness of life. In Jewel’s music I have been gently taken to the soul of my heart.”


Jill C.

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