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 Music  Performances, Workshops

Sound Meditations & Journeys,

Sound Meditation  & Wellness Journeys
Individual Personal Sessions and Group Sound Journeys


Experience a relaxing journey into your heart, bathing in healing sounds and music. These multi-instrumental events are for awakening, expansion, reconnecting and relaxing.

As a certified and experienced practitioner of Sound, Voice and Music Healing, Jewel uses a combination of instruments including Metal and Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, harp, stringed instruments, world flutes, voice and more to facilitate your journey and healing.

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Flow With Your Heart - Musical Play-shops

Communicating through Sound, Music and Self Expression

Come with a childlike openness to explore! Experience a hands-on opportunity to create with sounds and music in a fun, free flowing journey of creative improvisation and community sharing.


Using a variety of instruments, sounds and our voices we connect with ourselves and each other, creating "Sound Dialogs" with rhythm, melodies and harmonies.


Play-shops for children 8-12, 13-16, and Adults.

​Harp and Private Music Mentoring * On ZOOM or SKYPE *

Jewel teaches all levels and ages on Celtic (lever) harp and other instruments. Harps available for rent to her students. 

Contact  Jewel for more information. 

* Yoga of the Voice practices &  Medicine Melodies * 

Individual & group offerings 

Drumming, Percussion improvisation Circles

Music, Songs and Poetry for Uplifting and Enlightening the Soul, Sharing Circles

Contact Jewel for more information and

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